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Many students enroll in a study program from abroad. You can also easily study at ROSS from abroad. Read on this page how that works.

Do you have more questions? Send an e-mail to We are happy to help you and will answer your question within 24 hours!

Easy registration

ROSS-KYTT has many students in Europe, the USA, Canada, Japan, China, New Zealand, and other countries. As a foreign student, you can also easily register via this website.

Easy payment

If you study from abroad, you must pay the tuition fee when you register. This applies the same as in the Netherlands. You do not pay a supplement as with other trainers. And we don't charge extra shipping costs. After your registration has been received, we will send you the entire lesson package in return. But you can also opt for a Download version, then you can start within 5 minutes, which even pay in staggered terms in the world. (This also applies to foreign countries) Only you will also follow the training in staggered terms.

You can pay the tuition via credit card, an IBAN or international bank transfer, Stripe, Paypal. After you have sent the registration form, you will receive an order confirmation by email. If you have chosen to pay by bank transfer, you will find the payment instructions in the order confirmation.

Easy studying

After receiving the teaching materials, you can submit your homework to your teacher at your own pace. Clear instructions can be found in the teaching materials.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can always contact your designated teacher by e-mail.

Do you have any questions?

Do you have any questions about studying at ROSS-KYTT from abroad? Please contact us via Whatsapp Service or email contact or request a callback function.

ROSS enables everyone worldwide to follow the desired training. In any desired shape suits you best.

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