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Yoga and Sex

The seduction of Kundalini and Tantra has become synonymous in the Western world with free sex, sexual submission, and sexual debauchery. In addition to Kundalini, ROSS also offers the Tantra training where you can go deeper into the origin. In the eyes of some, sexual pleasure is the only reason to cultivate kundalini. Some people use later Tantrics solely to awaken their kundalini and get more pleasure from sex. Sex is great. It is pleasant, ultimate, and intimate. But it is also only one aspect of a good relationship and of the kundalini process.

Tantric Sex
Tantric sex is only one part of tantra, a discipline designed to increase self and body-awareness, emotional wellbeing, and physical health. Traditionally, there are two components to tantra: red tantra, a sexual technique which is practiced with a partner, and white tantra, a solo practice of meditation and yoga.
There's still a sexual element to tantric yoga, but it relates to heightening the senses. The goal is to move through your body, reaching a mental release rather than a physical, sexual one.

There are three types of Tantra yoga pertaining to sexuality, two of which are known to the general public. The Red Tantra is according to the Masters of Yoga they say to send energy for sexual purposes. In this form of Tantra yoga, sex is usually recommended or prescribed to promote spiritual development. There is a chance that practitioners convince themselves that they are cultivating their kundalini, but in reality, all are interested in sex. However, sex alone does not lead to intimacy. True intimacy arises when both partners are fully awakened or assist each other in their individual development.

Great yoga practice can lead to great sex - it's that simple. It increases blood flow, improves flexibility and increases your level of mindfulness, which translates into longer love sessions and orgasms that feel bigger and better than ever.

Kundalini Cat-Cow Stretches - ROSS
Start on hands and knees in a table-top position with your hips over your knees, and your shoulders over your wrists. On your inhale, sink your belly while you lift your tailbone and your gaze. On your exhale, draw your belly in up while you round your spine.
What It Does: This exercise strengthens the space between your navel and your anus, activating what the yogis call Mula bandha, which, when controlled, can help men to last longer in bed.

Kundalini Downward Facing Dog - ROSS
From the table-top position, curl your toes under and straighten your knees. Press your heels down into the ground, fire up through your quads, lift your hips high, and melt your heart towards your thighs while you press down evenly into the ground with all ten fingers, including the webbing between the thumb and index finger. Breathe 5-8 breaths or stay for 60 seconds.
What It Does: This pose will warm you up, improve your circulation, and help you tune into the moment.

Kundalini Plank Pose - ROSS

From a downward-facing dog, come forward into plank pose as if into the top of a pushup position. Press the ground actively away from you so that you fill the space between your shoulder blades.

What It Does: This pose will tone your abs and strengthen your core.

Kundalini Cobra Pose - ROSS
Lay on your belly and place your hands directly underneath your shoulders. Lift your chest off the mat while you press your hands down, energetically dragging them back towards your feet. Hold here 5-8 breaths, then repeat.
What It Does: This pose decreases stiffness in the low back while improving circulation in the spinal and pelvic region. It will also stretch muscles in the shoulders and chest, which opens your heart, restores your energy, and can improve your overall mood.

Kundalini Bridge Pose - ROSS

Lay on the ground with your arms along your sides, your knees bent, and your feet hips width apart. Press the ground away with your feet, and lift your heart up. If you have enough flexibility through the shoulders, you can climb onto the tops of the shoulders and interlace the fingers behind you, pressing feet and fists down into the ground. Hold here for 5-8 breaths, then repeat.

What It Does: This pose works to strengthen your quads, stretch your hip flexors, and ease tension. It will increase the power in your thrust.

Kundalini Pigeon Pose - ROSS

From downward facing dog, bring your right knee towards the outer edge of your right wrist and work to bring your shin parallel to your mat or the wall in front of you. Drop your hips down onto the ground, and make sure that the left knee and thigh are flush to the ground. Inhale and draw your torso upright. Stay here 5-8 breaths, and then walk your hands forward onto the ground in front of you. Hold for 1-5 minutes. Switch sides. (Note: A block or folded towel may be needed underneath the hip while you develop flexibility.)

What It Does: Pigeon pose will increase your hip flexibility, and improve your range of motion.

Kundalini Bound Angle - ROSS
In a seated position, bring the soles of your feet together and place your hands on your knees or ankles. Allow the knees to relax toward the floor, and hinge forward at your hips as far as you can go. Hold 10-15 breaths.
What It Does: This shape heats the groin area and opens the hips for a wider range of motion.

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